Graphology is used in the following areas: 

  • Assessment of Existing staff in terms of their working personality profile – strengths , weaknesses,  motivation, aptitude, whether they have leadership qualities or not  and if so what style of leadership they would adopt, basic level of intelligence and integrity.
  • Recruitment of new staff who fit the company’s culture and have the 

    Performance profile and personality * required to fill the position. These profiles would be obtained from the Employer, along with any specific qualities required. From a sample of handwriting, Kim will provide the Employer with a detailed analysis of the Applicant.  This will show characteristics not determined in conventional personality profiles, i.e. Basic level of Intelligence, Stamina, Leadership style, Integrity and more.  A shortlist of screened Applicants would be provided along with an assessment showing who would be best suited to the position and why.

  • Staff Training/Promotion. From an analysis of handwritings, it can be determined who would be best to train or promote within a company given their aptitude, drive, energy, etc.
  • Staff motivation /Team building based on the assessment of staff.  From the analysis, based on handwriting, Kim will meet with each staff member to discuss their strengths as well as areas for improvement;  thereafter she will meet with the whole team to instruct on how best to use the analysis to promote the companies best interests – harnessing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.
  • Counseling and business coaching - based on graphology assessments -  to ensure the harmonious working relationship of managers and owners.