A personal assessment for the purpose of self-knowledge and self-improvement.  The analysis identifies problem areas - emotional blocks or areas causing stress; true motivation in life, aptitude and direction for growth.  Significant results and happiness are achieved through counseling - drawing on the strengths within the individuals character to motivate them to succeed.

Career Change

Retrenched or just not enjoying what you do?  A handwriting assessment reveals your true aptitude and motivation – both of which are crucial to your choice of career.  Working qualities, i.e. do you prefer to work on your own or as part of a team, do you have leadership potential, can you work in an office or do you need to be mobile.  These and many other indicators assist you in wisely assessing your existing position and realizing your potential as to what you can realistically achieve.


Dominant personality traits are immediately evident in a sample of writing as are the Writers approach to Money, Security, Personal health and cleanliness and many other aspects of life; all of which impact on the compatibility of partners within any relationship.

Unbiased and working only with the writings initially in providing an assessment of personality traits and areas of compatibility/ incompatibility, Kim is able to establish the areas in which couples are most compatible and those which need attention and is then able to assist with counseling in this regard.

Coping with an Aged Parent or Difficult Child

An analysis of samples of handwriting help the caregiver to know how best to care for the needs of the individual in their care.

Oftentimes caregivers can be nurturing and gentle by nature and do not always establish necessary parameters.  Sometimes they can be too harsh or exacting when working with a sensitive individual or unaware of any problems not easily visible on contact.