Kim Wasley Handwriting AnalysisKim Wasley has been a practicing Graphologist (Handwriting Analyst) for a period of 24 years and for the last three years as a Forensic Document Examiner.

She was awarded her Bachelor of Arts degree, having majored in Psychology and went on to complete and become a graduate of the course in Forensic Document Examination conducted by Messrs. Andrew Bradley and Associates.  Bradley is a Forensic Document Examiner in Arapaho County Sheriff’s Dept. Colorado and is principal instructor in Document Examination at the Rocky Mountain Security Institute.   Bradley is fully accredited by the U.S.A.

Kim studied in South Africa under Bradley for the duration of 2000 to 2002 and completed the full course of study achieving a 96% A pass.

She has nineteen years experience as a human resource manager during which time she obtained extensive knowledge, skills and experience in the various facets of human resource management and used her knowledge of Graphology extensively for recruitment purposes.

She has for the past seven years directed her own company, Write Insight, which specializes in providing a consulting/counseling service to individuals as well as corporate and legal entities.

Her work includes recruitment, questioned documents and personnel development for several major companies, law firms, police and government agencies, but she specializes in marriage counseling, vocational guidance and personal analyses, often allied to counseling.

Kim has a particular fondness for the personal development work she does with year 10, 11 and 12 H.S.C. students, directing them towards a fulfilling career.

She has run workshops and presentations, made television and radio appearances and been widely featured in articles published in newspapers and magazines.